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  • We celebrate the diversity and uniqueness in youth as individuals with different needs, strengths, and interests.
  • We recognize youth as valued members of their community and active participants in their education, social/emotional growth, and health care.
  • We advocate for youth to have access to opportunities, to be heard, and to be involved in decision-making processes that affect them.
  • We aim to enhance the developing self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-respect of youth.
  • We are dedicated to empowering youth by creating successful leaders for the future.


  • We understand that a stable family gives youth a greater chance at success in life.
  • We believe by strengthening the family bond, we improve family relationships, functioning, cohesiveness, and unity.
  • We provide family support services by building on the strengths of families giving them the skills and support they need to thrive.
  • We acknowledge the importance and value of forming partnerships with families in order to maximize their effectiveness as a unit.
  • We encourage positive communication with families to foster a collaborative effort in meeting their needs.


  • We welcome long-term partnering with communities, schools, local leaders and other stakeholders to increase the overall success of the communities we serve.
  • We acknowledge that adults also play an integral role in the lives of youth and in the community thus we are committed to serving those who can benefit from our services in order to enhance their lives and lead them to a path of success.
  • We actively collaborate with community members in order to identify and provide the services that they need.
  • We believe that by empowering the community, we break down barriers that prevent access and opportunities that can transform a community into a safe and viable place for all who reside and serve there.
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