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Youth and Community Empowerment Coalition are special guest at the Hadiya Pendleton Intergenerational Summit: Working Together to Prevent Gun Violence 2014

On November 8, 2014, YCEC was invited as a special guest to the Hadiya Pendleton Intergenereational Summit. This event was organized by Hadiya's Promise, an organization created by Nate and Cleopatra Pendleton in memory of their daughter, Hadiya Zaymara Pendleton. Hadiya was fatally gunned down in a Chicago park on January 29, 2013 after completing her final exams. One week prior, Hadiya, a student at King College Prep in Chicago, had been performing with King College Prep's Band in Washington for President Barack Obama's 2nd inauguration.

CEO/Founder, Lena Moore and two Youth Representatives, Jabria Torrey and Shakaylah Anderson were in attendance at the summit, as well as nine other organizations. The purpose was to have youth representatives of the organizations in attendance, to participate in reviewing Hadiya's Promise 2015 Policy Agenda and make recommendations that youth reps. believed to be the most important to address as well as, to make any additional recommendations. Policy Agendas included: Gun Violence Prevention, At-risk Youth programming, and Support for Families Impacted by Violence. In addition, YCEC attendees were asked to assist in the set-up of the event. The Summit also surprised attendees with a guest appearance by City of Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel who addressed attendees about the importance of the work being done during the summit.

Youth and Community Empowerment Coalition would like to say a special thanks to Hadiya's Promise founders Nate and Cleopatra Pendleton, their son Nate Jr., as well as staff members David Reynolds-Digit Media Director and Sylvia Ewing-External Relations Director who made it possible our attendance. It was an honor and a privilege to be allowed to partner with them and other organizations as well as to be asked to participate in such a much needed, important and urgent call to action.

YCEC is committed to not letting Hadiya's memory and the work of her parents be in vain. We vow to make a continued effort to support peace in our city, Chicago.

To learn more about Hadiya's story and the efforts of her parents, the Pendletons, please go to the website of Hadiya's Promise at

Please go to our Photo Gallery to view pictures of YCEC's day with Hadiya's Promise and the Pendleton Family.

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